Club Night

Club night is a program that introduces swimmers, parents and aspiring Technical Officials to a swimming environment.  

For swimmers, it is an environment where members are gradually introduced to a swimming environment where they can chose how far they want to progress in the sport.  Not everybody has aspirations to be an Olympian, they just want to get in and enjoy themselves with family and friends.

For parents, it is an environment where members are introduced to the “behind the scenes” running of a swimming club. There is no pressure on you to commit more than you are able.  Some people just want to be a timekeeper for their club for example, and that is OK.  

For people aspiring to be a Technical Official, you are encouraged to “learn by doing” in a “non-threatening” environment. We are fortunate to have a couple of Swimming Queensland accredited referees in the club who are only too willing to encourage and instruct in the Art of Officiating. We also have an accredited official in a couple of other Technical Official roles.

There is no pressure on you to commit to wanting to referee at the Olympics, but it is an environment where you can learn to be a competent official.

Club nights are generally held on a Friday night at 6:00pm, commencing in October and running through to March the following year.  Occasionally, club night is shifted to another night to allow any swimmers travelling to a meet that has Friday night events.  Advance notice is given of these changes.

Club nights may also be canceled due to inclement weather (our duty of care to our swimmers).  We endeavour to make up missed events in the following weeks.

Events are conducted in each of the four strokes for 12.5m, 25m, 50m.  We usually include a distance event (or two) 100m, 200m etc on the night as well.  Swimmers are not required to swim all strokes.



Better yourself

Discover new friends

Get more active

Swimming Queensland Programs

To support our club night program, Swimming Queensland offers a range of membership programs for us to participate in. 

Swimming Queensland

To support our club night program, Swimming Queensland offers a range of membership programs for us to participate in. 


is a program where swimmers are rewarded for their enthusiasm and commitment to swimming. We have had swimmers get “the VIP” treatment at a session at the Swimming Queensland State Championships.


are given to junior members, recognising their participation and involvement.




Club Nights commence at 6.00pm, generally on a Friday night, with presentations and information for the swimmers and pool set up.

There will be some club nights held on a different night (instead of Friday) during the season to assist swimmers and their parent(s) travelling to meets that start on Friday night.  Advance notice is given about any change of day.


All nominations for club night is through your account on Swim Central.

If you are a registered Masters Swimmer only, you do not have access to Swim Central. In this case, just turn up on the night and we will slot you in.

The following points will help in nominating for club night:

  • Log into your account at Swim Central.
  • Click Events top left hand corner (This will bring up a calendar with little dots under dates.)
  • Click on the Friday nights eg 9th Oct, which will then bring up a little drop box that says Gympie Goldfins week 1.
  • Click this link, then in bottom right hand corner will be a nominate button. Once you click this, if its asking for your admin pin, click the padlock on the top of the page and that will be your 4 digit pin that you selected when signing up.
  • Confirm your pin so it unlocks your Child’s profile and it then will bring up list of races in which you can nominate, (each race has age group, stroke and distance). Swimmers are allowed to do 5 races providing its in their age group!
  • If you have any trouble please contact us and we can help you out.

-Nominations close the day before club night at 5.00pm.
-If you are late nominating you will be entered as an “exhibition competitor” and points will awarded accordingly.
-To avoid losing points, please notify the Club Night Coordinator by 6.00pm, on club night, if you intend to scratch.
-Swimmers must check the race sheets (on Notice Board) and advise of any mistakes.
-After 6.00pm all entries stand and no further changes will be made.
-Failure to nominate = NO SWIM (if however, there is a vacant lane, a swimmer may swim with no points being awarded).
-Failure to compete in nominated races = -2 points per race.
-The races nominated for must be swum, no changes will be allowed.
-The points that you accrue each club night during the month, go towards a “Monthly Points” award.


All members who meet the qualifying times and participation requirements are eligible to nominate for OPEN CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Events swum for OPEN club championships will be counted as one (1) or two (2) of your club night events to make up the five (5) allowable. Club night points will be awarded for these events.

All members who meet the qualifying times, participation requirements and age requirements are eligible to nominate for AGE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS. Club Night Points WILL NOT be awarded for AGE CHAMPIONSHIPS. Only championship points of 5, 3 and 1 will be awarded for each age event.

No child or swimmer is allowed to control the stopwatches on club nights or at meets unless requested and he/she is over 14 years of age.


The proposed club night calendar for the 2022 – 2023 season is included in the “White Book”    While we make every attempt to follow the program as printed, due to the possibility of changing COVID-19 restrictions, inclement weather etc, the seasons program could look completely different.  We will generally try to “make up” events in subsequent weeks.

Please be aware that swimmers must achieve qualifying times to upgrade from 25m to 50m and 50m to 100m events.  These times are indicated in the table below and the handbook.

Swimmers must achieve the following times to upgrade from 25m events to 50m events.



Backstroke 27 Seconds
Breaststroke 30 Seconds
Butterfly 26 Seconds
Freestyle 24 Seconds
Swimmers must achieve the following times to upgrade from 50m events to 100m events.



Backstroke 45 Seconds
Breaststroke 53 Seconds
Butterfly 48 Seconds
Freestyle 44 Seconds

If a swimmer wishes to enter one or more distance events (200m +) for a particular stroke, please confirm with the coach that they are capable of doing it in a timely manner.

If a swimmer wishes to enter an Individual Medley event (100m, 200m or 400m), please confirm with the coach that they are capable of doing it in a timely manner.

Please contact the Club Night Co-ordinator or any committee member if you require further information on the Club Night Program.
Also you can view the Club Night Procedures in the handbook or on the website.


If you have any questions about membership or a general enquiry about the club, let us know by filling in the below form.