MASTER Swimmer Registration

For people who have never been a member of a club affiliated with Masters Swimming Australia, you will need to join a club and complete the registration process.

Full details and current season fees, including can be found here.

The following steps are a guide to this process:

Step 1: Open the Masters Swimming Queensland website with the following link:
Step 2: Click on the “Membership” button on their home page.
   >Then “Join as a new member” button and the New Registration page will open.
   >Select “Masters Swimming Queensland.
   >A new selection box will open asking for the club. Scroll through the list of clubs and select “Gympie Gold Fins Masters.
   >Click the Next button.
Step 3: Select the appropriate registration fee and click Next.
Step 4: Read through the Member Declaration and tick the appropriate boxes. Click Next to continue.
Step 5: Continue following the instructions to submit your application & pay online.

Please note, all swimmers under the age of 18 years are required to have at least one parent or guardian registered as a member of the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club.  This is so you are covered by our insurance when volunteering at club nights etc.  

There are no fees for parent/guardian registration.  

Registration is via the same link for swimmers.

​A helpful guide to this process is available on the Swimming Queensland website and is available by using the following link:


If you have any questions about membership or a general enquiry about the club, let us know by filling in the below form.