The Gympie Amateur Swimming Club was formed in 1960.  It is now known as the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Inc.

In 2021, we formed a Masters Swimming club to function as part of the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Inc.  One of the reasons for this was to demonstrate to current club swimmers that there is a pathway where they can continue with their swimming in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Vision Statement

To provide a quality environment for the promotion of swimming as an enjoyable sporting pursuit,
as an essential life skill and a component of health and fitness.


  • To provide competitive swimming opportunities for swimmers who have this as their goal.
  • To provide the opportunity for all club members to develop their skills and promote swimming as an avenue of a personal fitness program.
  • To encourage self-discipline and self-motivation as a means of excelling and achieving goals
  • To encourage all members and their parents to become involved in the running of their club.
  • To provide an atmosphere that promotes friendship among club members, encourages teamwork within the club, and respect for each person’s opinions.
  • To respect and support the decisions made by each member in regard to their sport.


Membership is a great way to get started and the gateway to becoming a part of our great club.

The following information can answer a number of your questions about joining the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club, and/or the Gympie Gold Fins Masters Swimming.

Depending on your type of membership, as a Gympie Gold Fins Swimming club member, you may be eligible to compete at sanctioned Swimming Queensland meets. A member of the Gympie Gold Fins Masters is only eligible to compete at masters meets. If a masters swimmer wishes to compete at Swimming Queensland meets, they must join both Gympie Gold Fins and the masters.

If you would like more information, please contact the club.


The Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club doesn’t employ a swimming coach.  Club members are free to chose where they train and/or are coached and this is the responsibility of the the swimmers’ parent(s).

There are a few options available in and around Gympie for coaching/training, so please speak to a committee member if you want more information.

As our “home pool” is the Gympie Aquatic and Recreation Centre (Gympie ARC), a number of our members are coached and train at the ARC. For this reason, the club does negotiate an agreement with the coach at the ARC to attend selected Regional and State level competitions throughout the season.


The Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club’s vision is to provide a quality environment for the promotion of swimming as an enjoyable sporting pursuit.  We aim to give all members of the community the opportunity to achieve their swimming potential, irrespective of ethnicity, age, disability, gender or background. 

The club aims to be inclusive and actively seeks to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individuals from participating in the sport of swimming. We do not condone bullying of any description (eg fat shaming) towards any person in the club, and in swimming squads etc, irrespective of whether they are in the club or not.

We aim to raise awareness by providing a culture where inclusion is embraced by all members of the club, and programs and pathways are provided for all swimmers, irrespective of who they are and at what level they wish to participate.

For more information, click on the following links to learn more about the Inclusive swimming policy.


The Safe Sport Framework (SSF) confirms the shared responsibility we all have for keeping each other safe in swimming – children and adults alike.

The information below is from the Safe Sport Framework section of the Swimming Australia website and is current as of 3rd August 2020.

Keeping Everyone Safe​

The safety of children and young people in our sport is paramount. We want swimming to be fun, enjoyable and safe for all. All of us in the Australian swimming community have a role to play in ensuring that we keep our proud sport as safe and enjoyable as possible.

The Swimming Australia SSF consists of two documents:

  1. Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy  (matters or complaints concerning the safety and wellbeing of children or young people in swimming must be considered under this policy).
  2. Member Protection Policy (this concerns matters relating to such things as discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation and abuse).

To ensure you are Safe Sport compliant, you are encouraged to enrol and complete a free online course (15min), delivered in partnership with Victoria University:

As well as completing the above mentioned course, you are encouraged to make yourself aware of the full details in the framework by clicking on the following link to direct you to the Swimming Australia website: 

Swimming Australia – Safe Sport Framework


If you have any questions about membership or a general enquiry about the club, let us know by filling in the below form.