New Registrations

If you’ve never been a member of a club affiliated with Swimming Australia, you will need to join a club and complete the registration process.  

The registration process as a new member of Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club, is to be completed through the Swim Central portal.

A helpful guide to this process is available on the Swimming Queensland website and is available by using the following link:


You can access the Swim Central registration portal by clicking on the following image.

swim central image

When completing the registration, select Region - Wide Bay SA Inc and Club - Gympie Gold Fins SC Inc and pay the registration fees (current season registration fees are listed under the Membership and Fees section) during the process. Once completed, the Club Registrar will need to sight a copy of each registered swimmers' birth certificate.

All swimmers, under the age of 18, are required to have at least one parent or guardian be registered as a member (using the same link above) to be covered by insurance when volunteering. There are no fees for parent / guardian registration.