Aims of the Club


The Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club’s vision is to provide a quality environment for the promotion of swimming as an enjoyable sporting pursuit. The club is also committed to the growth of swimming as an essential life skill and a component of health and fitness.



 Our mission is:

  • We provide competitive swimming opportunities for swimmers with this as their goal and we encourage swimmers to strive to better themselves.
  • We provide the opportunity for all club members to develop their skills and promote swimming as one avenue of a personal fitness program.
  • We encourage self-discipline and self-motivation as a means of excelling and achieving goals.
  • We encourage all members and their parents to become involved in the running of their club.
  • We promote friendship among club members, we encourage teamwork within the club, and respect for each person’s opinions.
  • We respect and support the decisions made by each member in regard to their sport.