Welcome to the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Inc. For over 50 years the Gympie Swimming Club has encouraged hundreds of young swimmers to participate in activities to improve their swimming capabilities and enjoy a high level of fun and fitness. The club is a not-for-profit sporting organisation with all funds raised being reinvested into the club for the benefit of its members.

We would like to welcome all new and existing members and their families to the 2018 – 2019 swimming season.

Our club provides a friendly atmosphere for non-competitive and competitive swimmers of all ages. We promote fitness and enjoyment to all our swimmers and encourage them to improve their technique and performance throughout the season in a positive, friendly manner.

Like all clubs we require assistance from volunteers, so feel free to help out in whatever way you can to make the running of our club more productive and enjoyable for our swimmers.

There is considerable experience amongst the club and we are all happy to welcome and assist you.

A handbook has been prepared to help all club members to understand the rules and procedures of the club and its activities. It is essential reading, especially for new members. It includes information about training, club night information, open club and age championships, awards, swim meets and more. Most importantly it advises you of your responsibilities within the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Inc.

Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Inc. is affiliated with Wide Bay Regional Swimming Association and Swimming Queensland, which controls and administers the sport of swimming in Queensland. Through these associations it offers members the opportunity to compete at regional, state and national levels. Swimming Queensland acts in accordance with the rules and regulations of Australian Swimming Inc (known as Swimming Australia) which in turn functions under the International Swimming body called FINA.

"Swimming teaches people how to win, how to lose with grace, and how to develop a personal philosophy that will make them long-term successes in life. They learn to evaluate their efforts, set goals, and achieve. They gain an athlete's mind that says, "I can control my life, and the results of it. If it is to be, it is up to me." John Leonard